How to be a Superhero – piZap Style!

pizap-com14737938671081Do you ever day dream of flying high across a city to save a damsel in distress? Or maybe you’d love to instantly produce fire from your fingertips to prevent a bully from pushing around your kid. How about wishing you could see through doors?

If you’ve had these dreams, then you may want to be a superhero. But, how does one become a superhero, you may be asking….  fear not friend, we have the ultimate guide to get you going!

How to be a superhero (piZap style!)

Choose Your Superpowers

pizap-com14738695202841Your powers are the starting point to being a superhero. So, be sure to put some real thought into it. Here is how to get started: Think about any talents you have that impress folks – do you play an instrument? Can you drop kick a trashcan? Have any weird body talents such as double jointedness?

Still stuck? No worries! It’s never too late to learn something new. Discover origami; become a master upcycler; create instruments out of random things; find forever homes for stray dogs… there are a gazillion super powers you can use or create. (This post will help).

Once you’ve determined your superpowers, you can then build upon  them to superhero amazingness. Here’s what’s next….

Imagine Your Look

how to be a superhero

Next up, what will your “look” be? If you’re rescuing animals, you may not need a look, but if you’d like to supplement your super power with some legitimacy, a look is important. Cape vs no cape? Leather vs not? Mask vs headband? You get the point.

The fact of the matter is, that your look can be whatever you dream up- whether it’s full on superhero garb or not.

Pick a Name


Picking  a superhero name could be your hardest task. Here is a way to simplify. Start with a descriptive noun such as Man, Girl, Doctor, or Captain. Then, add a descriptive verb such as Lightning, Hero, Atomic, Diamond or Speed – don’t be afraid to choose two! Mix and match the order until you find the perfect combination.

How about Atomic Marketing Girl? Has a nice ring, huh?

Superhero Tips

Once you’ve determined your superhero personality, here are our tips for playing the part:

  • Encourage others
  • Be the change you wish to see
  • Be kind
  • Be thankful
  • Have patience
  • Sprinkle joy
  • Always do your best
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Ward off evil

Living with a good heart and intention will pave your way for those magical skills every superhero has!

Now that you’ve laid the foundation, show off your new alt-personality with a little creative photo editing using piZap’s cool features.


The Toxic Purple Filter amplifies colors and adds a cool textured border, perfect for highlighting your look. Add on Zap Pow Stickers, plus any others that speak your superhero language such as Hair, Sunglasses, and Bling. Use the Paint feature to draw your cape or add in other explosive details.

Becoming a superhero isn’t as hard as it looks, simply overtake your fears, amplify your strengths and show off your skills with piZap. Don’t forget to share your new alt-ego creations on our Facebook page!

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