5 Fun Back to School Projects

pizap-com14737127107481Summer is finally giving way to Fall here in America, and with that comes that delightful time of year, back-to-school time. Parents coast to coast are loading up our little munchkins with new backpacks, fresh pencils and crisp jeans. Fall school routines are underway. So, what comes next? Finding ways to make the school year more fun and interesting.

We’re here to help!

Back to School Projects to Try

All About Me

back to school projects - about me

Teachers and students alike love how easy it is to create customized worksheets to help everyone learn more about each other. Create a vertical layout with back-to-school frames, stickers, and talk bubbles. Print, add info, share!

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Custom Stickers

Back to School Projects

We’ve talked about custom stickers here at piZap before. Why? Because they’re AWESOME! Make teachers happy and keep track of your things with festive stickers. To make Custom Stickers, start with the Collage tool, choose piZap backgrounds, pick your font, print on sticker paper, slice and affix.

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Binder Inserts

Back to School Projects

If you’re having a hard time finding pre-printed inserts that perfectly meet your needs, why not design your own? Customize your inserts with fonts, text, stickers and layout, and make your school year organization the envy of all your peers!

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Homework Projects

Back to School Projects

Want to WOW your teacher? There is nothing like an awesomely designed report or project to help get her attention and get you to an A. Custom layouts and fresh Stickers can help. 😉

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Bullet Journaling

back to school projects

Get organized and stay organized using the latest craze… bullet journaling. This analog task list model has been the talk of the town because the system works. The beautiful thing is that you can use whatever journal you want and pimp it out the way YOU want. This is where we come in …. deck out your journal pages in piZap with Stickers, Fonts, and Overlays, then print them out and add your lists. On task, on track and awesome.

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Back to school doesn’t have to be daunting. Have fun with some of the great tools and features piZap has to offer!

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