DIY Party Tips – Throwing An Awesome Beach Party

pizap.com14666985566391Do you LOVE summer as much as we do? How about the beach? We think beaches are downright sandiliciously fab. That’s why this summer we are excited to explore some ideas on how to throw an awesome beach party. Whether you’re actually planning to hit the beach yourself, or want to pull together a sand-in-your-toes beach themed get-together, we have some ideas to make your party a whale of a good time!

Check out our beach party ideas.

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How To Build Amazing Vacation Photo Collages

convertibleSummer is here. Summer is here! Time for road trips, family reunions, exotic getaways and outdoor fun. It’s the season of memory-making. (And, if you’re looking for some ideas of things to do this summer, you’ll love this post.) Chances are you’ll have your camera with you every step of the way.

Let’s talk about ways to create and share those memorable times through a photo collage.

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Introducing – Emoji Crack!

emoji crackIt’s hard to believe emojis have been around since around 1998 (those were practically ancient times, technologically speaking). Shigetaka Kurita, of Japan, created the first set of 172 12×12 pixel emojis as part of i-mode’s messaging features “to help facilitate electronic communication, and to serve as a distinguishing feature from other services. Kurita created the first 180 emoji based on the expressions that he observed people making and other things in the city.” (Source: Wikipedia)

No matter how emojis came to be, there is no doubt they are a playing a major role in our digital communication here in 2016. With this incredible popularity in emoji use, why not make your own? That’s what we are here to help you do!

Introducing Emoji Crack.

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