January is Brain Teaser Month – Custom Puzzles To Help You Celebrate

brain teaser monthLooking for ways to keep your mind sharp and focused during the short winter days? Look no further than a brain teaser. What is a brain teaser? Simply, a form of puzzle that requires thought (often times unconventional thought) for us to solve.

Some specific types of brain teasers are logic puzzles and riddles. It is said that one of the earliest known brain teaser enthusiasts was the Greek mathematician Archimedes who would tease out mathematical problems for his contemporaries to solve.

Today, we have a few brain teasers and logic puzzles to help you celebrate International Brain Teaser Month. Feel free to right click these puzzles to download and share with YOUR “contemporaries” 😉

Custom Puzzles for Brain Teaser Month

Word Play

brain teaser month - word play


brain teaser month - squares


brain teaser month - mistakes

Are you a genuis?

brain teaser month - genuis


brain teaser month - riddles

Want more? Check out these fun resources:

All the above puzzles were re-created using piZap.com. Feel free to download and share.

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