piZap is Partnering with Freepik

Have you ever spent hours looking for the perfect graphic online, only to find out you had to pay for it, or that the license would not let you use it for your project?  Freepik.com has the answer, and it’s a fantastic one at that.

Who is Freepik? They are the leading search engine of free vector designs and boasts the largest community of graphic designers in the world!  They currently offer over a million free vectors and they add hundreds every single day.  #WOW

How does piZap fit in?  We are partnering with Freepik to incorporate new graphics from the Freepik collection into the piZap stickers, borders, collages and the upcoming custom cards and design layouts. With a partner like Freepik, we will be able to greatly expand our already large catalog of designs.

While all freepik images are free to use for personal use, If you want to use all of the freepik resources in commercial projects, without giving credit (attribution) to the creator, you can sign up for their premium plan. Here is a coupon to get you started.

Watch How YouTube Star Linn Moberg Uses piZap to Design YouTube Video Thumbnails

We love when our users showcase their creativity and we double-love when they can support their career or hobby with piZap. That’s why we were floored by Linn Moberg and her super creative and fun DIY videos. In her latest episode she shows how she edits her YouTube videos and how she designs her YouTube thumbnails with piZap!

Check out the video here:

PS> Watch the video to find a code for an extended free trial of piZap PRO 😉

piZap – Your New Favorite Photo Editing & Design Tool

If you’re looking for creative tools to help take your world – both online and off – to new heights, look no further than piZap.

When we say we’re going to be your new favorite photo editing and design tool, we’re not kidding. Why? Because we make it easy to help you show off your creativity, and highlight your personal style. Easy, creative and fun, too? YES!

Discover how piZap is going to rock your world.

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7 DIY Ideas for the Best New Year’s Party Ever

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and you know what that means… it’s party time! Ring in fresh beginnings, reminisce about the past year and celebrate all around. Afterall with a holiday focused on sparkles and bubbly, you simply can’t go wrong!

Read on to discover quick DIYs that will help us all ring in 2018 the most festive way possible.

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Awesome Font Combinations For Designs That Pop

Fonts. It may not be something you think about on a regular basis (ever?), but it’s certainly something we think about. In fact, we think about it so much we recently bulked up our font offerings, so now we have 367 to choose from!

Creating eye-popping designs with font combinations are actually an easy way to elevate your photo-editing game. Seriously. Have you ever considered what sets apart amazing design from ok design? More often than not, it’s fonts.

Now that we have that behind us, let’s talk about some easy “rules” to follow when creating your design.

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4 Steps to Celebrate International Scrapbooking Day

Seems like these days there is a holiday for everything. While we think some are downright silly (we’re looking at you Old Stuff Day!), others we can get behind. One such holiday is International Scrapbooking Day celebrated on March 4th.

Now, we get it that scrapbooking is typically considered a hobby involving the lots of scraps of paper and not necessarily a digital exploration. However, the official definition of scrapbooking is this, “the activity or hobby of making scrapbooks,” and that, to us, includes using digital tools.

Enter piZap! In this post, we’ll cover some fun ideas for preserving your family history, or celebrating a special occasion through scrapbooking and how utilizing our free photo editing website to help make it a breeze.

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Emoji Maker Online – Tips, Tricks & Examples to Try

If you spend any time online these days (and who doesn’t?) you may have noticed a trend in how we communicate. We are in the world of Emojis! In text messages, on social media and just about anywhere else in the world wide web, you’ll see these cute little icons as a way to communicate with one another.

Emoji’s can span topics, personalities, and even creative boundaries. Here at piZap, we’re a big fan. So much so, we even created our own Emoji Maker! Want to get inspired? Check out what we have for you.

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Easy Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards for Everyone You Love

valentine's day card ideasIt’s the month of love! Hearts, butterflies, chocolate and champagne abound – online and in person. For those of us who can appreciate infusing a little love and adoration into our often negative social media feeds, our Valentine’s Day greeting ideas are sure to stir your creativity—and charm your significant other (or significant wannabe) in the process.

Kids and grownups alike are going to love these ideas!

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