piZap is Partnering with Freepik

Have you ever spent hours looking for the perfect graphic online, only to find out you had to pay for it, or that the license would not let you use it for your project?  Freepik.com has the answer, and it’s a fantastic one at that.

Who is Freepik? They are the leading search engine of free vector designs and boasts the largest community of graphic designers in the world!  They currently offer over a million free vectors and they add hundreds every single day.  #WOW

How does piZap fit in?  We are partnering with Freepik to incorporate new graphics from the Freepik collection into the piZap stickers, borders, collages and the upcoming custom cards and design layouts. With a partner like Freepik, we will be able to greatly expand our already large catalog of designs.

While all freepik images are free to use for personal use, If you want to use all of the freepik resources in commercial projects, without giving credit (attribution) to the creator, you can sign up for their premium plan. Here is a coupon to get you started.

10 thoughts on “piZap is Partnering with Freepik”

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