piZap PRO – Free for Teachers

We think teachers are amazing. The love and patience you show to help our little ones grow and develop is mind-blowing. And, you do all this with limited resources. In a recent poll, it was stated that some of the biggest challenges teachers face are Lack of Resources and Technology.

That’s why we are thrilled to offer piZap PRO to Teachers for FREE for use within the classroom.

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free photo editing for teachersHere are just a few reasons why teachers love piZap PRO:

  • Student Creativity – piZap PRO offers an online platform for students to creatively present their school projects.
  • Digital Storytelling in the Classroom – Storyboards made easy
  • Easy Photo Editing – Your pictures, just enhanced!
  • Stickers and Text – add graphical elements in an organized way to emphasize a point.
  • Online Canvas – Creativity knows no limits!
  • It’s EASY! –  Like Photoshop for Dummies (not that you’re a dummy.)

“My students love piZap! My favorite project is one I do with 7th graders. They create a children’s storybook based on sticker characters they find in piZap.  They create the illustrations for their story in piZap then go to Word to write the story and add the illustrations. They keep at it on and off for a couple weeks until their story is perfected and then they upload it into a flip book and send the link to family and friends. piZap is a fun way to help students learn how to use an online tool. They learn how to upload, save and explore while having a great time creating.” – Cindy Swarts

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