Welcome Friends!


Welcome Friends!

We are so excited to be bringing to you our very first blog post. WoHoo! Why are we so excited? Because, we have been feverishly working behind the scenes to make your favorite online photo editor the best in the industry, and our blog will be the place where we are going to share all these fantastic new features. (Plus, we’ll share some other fun stuff, too.)

A little more about us here at piZap, we are a small team of developers with a passion for photo awesomeness… and our families. We have been doing this since 2007, and have learned a lot along the way. We know you love your families too, and that you’re too creative for boring point and shoot images. That’s why we get excited to bring you tons of new options to make piZapping even better.

What’s in store for you with piZap Pro? No ads! More fonts, stickers, filters, higher resolution images and full-screen editing!

Here are what some piZap Pro members have to say about the new features:

“I enjoy the wide range of images/clipart, etc that I can add to the many pictures I design……it’s AWESOME! I love it and thank you for offering the upgrade!”

“Pizap is one of the easiest editing programs I have ever used. I often try others but always come back as I am happiest with what my edits look like when they are pizapped.”

“I like to make my personal photos more fun by adding special effects and I do storyboards often so I really appreciate piZap and decided it was beneficial for me to upgrade. I do not do for commercial but personal to share with friends and fam. Thank you to all involved in making piZap a fun place to add to MY enjoyment!”

We look forward to seeing your piZapped pictures, too!